When you partner with e-Zone for assistance in financial process management, you get

  • Perspective and guidance

    Our certified professionals aren’t just there to answer your day-to-day questions, although they’ll certainly do that. They’re also there to help ensure you have the information you need to make timely and educated decisions. No matter the situation, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that e-Zone is here to help you with the best practice information you need.

  • Administrative freedom

    Accounting Management System is about process, consistency and documentation. We provide tools and support to streamline the day-to-day tasks of accounting management so you can focus on what matters most – running your business. When you partner with e-Zone, we’ll help you build a solid foundation by providing you with access to template policies, job descriptions, toolkits, compliance updates, a Handbook Wizard and more.

  • A paper trail

    Our goal is to help you put the right processes and procedures in place to help you steer clear of compliance issues. But if a problem should arise then it’s essential that you be able to respond with appropriate records, policies and other forms of documentation. e-Zone provides tools to help you track key accounting management issues easily and consistently.

  • Peace of mind

    Why stay up nights worrying about whether or not you’re in compliance with state and employee management laws and requirements? Lean on the experts at e-Zone for best practice information to help you deal with monitoring and evaluation issues, wage and hour issues, hiring, disciplinary action or other challenges.

  • Practical tools

    What tools could you use to better handle your accounting management responsibilities? How about a faster and smarter finance execution solution for your growing organization or a wizard to help you create and update your financial transactions? A system for tracking financial transparencies and accountability? Electronic storage? Day-to-day best practices? We can provide these and more.

  • Efficiency through integration

    When you work with e-Zone for Finance management plus other accounting management services, you get world-class service and the benefit of speed and simplicity offered by using a single data set with a single provider.

Advantages of Web Applications

  • Zero install

    all PCs have a browser

  • Centralized data

    Centralized data is secure and easy to backup.

  • Reduce business costs

    less time spent talking to customers over the phone; eliminate printed materials; allow users to update their own details.

  • Easy Access

    Reach anybody, anywhere in the world.

  • 24 / 7

    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Low spec PCs or smart phones

    Low spec PCs or smart phones can be used.

  • Online training

    Online training can be completed at user's own time and pace.

  • Direct Access

    Direct access to latest information - for Employees where every they are located.

  • Always up-to-date

    Quick and easy to update from anywhere

Why e-Accounting?
(reasons to adopt e-Accounting)

These are some major reasons we believe e-Accounting is the right management information system for your institute. We are confident it will help your Organization perform better and grow.

Functionality with simplicity

e-Accounting and Simplicity

e-Accounting provides you a powerful yet simpler interface to manage your account and payments operations online with its broad first-class functionality aided with simpler interface for your ease.It offers an on-premise accounting management platform for organization of any size and kind.

Integration, not interfaced

e-Accounting and Integration

The extensive integration of all e-Accounting applications exchange real-time information, share a common database and user interface. They will seamlessly evolve every aspect of your business together eliminating the need to build custom interfaces, complex updating and maintenance.

Flexibility for growth

e-Accounting and Organizational Growth

e-Accounting allows you to activate accounting management tools and functions as you need them, and stock the remaining for future obligations.With the system flexibility to expand as per your need, scaling up to more than 1 million users, you can always rely on e-Accounting to help you grow!

Web-native, not web-enabled

e-Accounting and Simplicity

e-Accounting is accessed using the intuitive interface in Web mode. This will help your business expand over multiple sites. You will also develop stronger relationships with managers, accountants and other employees giving them a customized access to the system.

Cost-effective and efficient

e-Accounting and Cost Effectiveness

e-Accounting is accessed using the intuitive interface in Web mode. This will help your business expand over multiple sites. You can also develop stronger relationships with management, administration and other stake holders giving them customized access to the system

Multi-company by design

e-Accounting and Success

Global standard requires global tools. e-Accounting is available in multi-language allowing multiple users to access the system in their own language. Legal and other requirements for business are also centralized to offer a single global solution.

Each customer matters to us, and our team of consultants and engineers are dedicated to make your business a success story!

e-Accounting makes your Accounting up-to-date and you can access centralized financial data from anywhere, anytime with any device.

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