Role Based Security

Authentication Method

User can be authenticated using a list of user names and passwords stored in the e-Accounting database (Internal Authentication), against a Windows Domain, Active Directory or a server using LDAP.

Application Security

Data and screens within the system are divided into user defined Applications. Application Security defines which of these Applications a role can access.

Function Security

Controls access to functions within the system such as viewing the Audit Trailing or creating a new Community portal.

Module Security

Controls access to the Web Application, Administrator. Console and Document Explorer applications.

Table Security

Defines table, row and field level security for data.

Object Security

Documents, Reports, Communities and Add-ins are security on an object by object basis. Each object has read, write and delete access defined for it.

e-Accounting Role Based Security
Fig. : e-Accounting Role Based Security

Password Rules

Letters-Only Passwords Not Allowed

Determines if a user’s password must contain numbers as well as letters.

Minimum Password Length

Determines the minimum number of characters a password can contain.

Maximum Failed Logon Attempts

Defines the maximum number of invalid logon attempts allowed before a user’s account is frozen.

Password Never Expires

When a password has expired, the user account is suspended and the user can no longer log on to the application. The user is warned ten days before password expiration and prompted to change their password.

Change Password

Password change frequency should be maintainable


Encrypted passwords with MD5 algorithm

Reset Password

We offer this functionality so that if there is a doubt that the person’s password might be misused by being leaked out, then the Admin can reset it. This keeps the sensitive information protected.


Passwords are not displayed on any screen in e-Accounting at any circumstance.

e-Accounting makes your Accounting up-to-date and you can access centralized financial data from anywhere, anytime with any device.

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