Why e-Accounting?
(reasons to adopt e-Accounting)

Full business accounting software functionality you need to manage your business

Accounts receivable and debt collection

Accounts receivable and debt collection

With e-Accounting, companies can better track monies owed, payment due dates, and outstanding balances. As a result, they can facilitate faster recognition of revenues and other income. Additionally, past due balances and non-payments can dramatically impact cash flow and related activities.

Accounts payable

Accounting Software with Accounts Payable

Financial staff can more effectively manage bills, payments, and monies owed by the company.

General ledger

Accounting Software General Ledgers

e-Accounting can dramatically improve the way a company manages its “books”, the primary, centralized log of all key financial activities and information.

Billing and invoicing

Billing and Invoicing Software

With e-Accounting, businesses can more rapidly generate comprehensive invoices and account statements for clients.

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning

e-Accounting enables you to collaborate on strategic plans and corporate budgets, perform sophisticated financial analysis and adapt to change quickly with frequent, driver-based rolling forecasts.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders

e-Accounting can help procurement professionals improve the efficiency and accuracy of purchase order creation. This promotes better vendor relationships, while ensuring timely and effective ordering of parts, components, and other supplies.

Sales orders

Sales and Accounting Software Nepal

Companies can automate and improve the way they process, fulfill, and track customer orders.

Inventory Management

Accounting and Inventory Management Software Nepal

Update stock levels automatically when sales are made. Increase stock turnover with intelligent reporting. Handle and fulfill orders in greater volume at lower cost.

Payroll management

Accounting and Payroll Management Software Nepal

e-Accounting assures you all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions, and ensure the withholdings and deductions are remitted in a timely manner.


Advanced Reporting Accounting Software Nepal

e-Accounting provide the ability to generate complete balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other standard financial reports. Additionally, many of them offer ad hoc analysis capabilities, so financial professionals can easily satisfy their own unique information needs.


Cost Effective Accounting Software Nepal

Shared Accountant Access, Drill-down reporting, Different Invoice Templates, Send Invoices & Reminders by Email, Bank Reconciliation, Loan and Interest Management, Sales Tax (VAT/GST) Calculation, Multicurrency Management, Export Custom Management Reports to PDF, Sales Reporting-by product, customer & date range, Export full data backup whenever you want.

Each customer matters to us, and our team of consultants and engineers are dedicated to make your business a success story!

Business Goals

e-Accounting Business Goals
  • Automate the On-Premise Accounting Management process
  • Facilitate financial data tranparencies
  • Scalable solution for your growing business needs
  • Improve the overall Accounting Management Mechanism
  • Minimize response time

Innovative Management

e-Accounting and Management

Here’s a novel idea: Let’s fix employee scheduling. Let’s ditch the paperwork, and focus on the people. Let’s stop complaining about compliance. Instead of reacting, let’s act. We can do Accounting Management together. Your organization plus our expertise.

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Features at a glance

  • Simple and straight forward

    Designed to be simple and straight forward, e-F "e-Accounting makes it simple to manage the accounting and payment operations anywhere, anytime and with any Internet connection without any software installation- all you need to do is secure your user ID and Password.

  • Self-service

    Give your employee the access to system ,with core authentication residing with Manager users, to response to request system from all concerns, update information, view documents and run reports from their user screens.

  • Email notifications

    e-Accounting will automatically send email’s directly to users with SMTP compliant email systems such as Outlook. It will send notifications of follow-up dates and reminders as well as instructions to users and reminders as well as instructions to users and authorizers.

  • Document management

    Use the document management features to manage your organizational documents, handbooks and policies with full version control.

  • Intuitive user interface

    The communities in e-Accounting allows you to provide a plain English interface that is easy even to understand for non-technical users.

  • Track key dates

    Every date field in e-Accounting can be set as an event trigger to generate an automatic reminder to any member of the Institute or any manager/employee.

  • Comprehensive data storage

    With over 250 screens of data e-Accounting allows you to build a comprehensive financial record.

  • Loads

    Robust and scalable to cater very large loads, scalable upto 1 million users.

  • Security

    The system bears a flexible security allowing you to allocate different roles to each user retaining access to the data.

e-Accounting नै किन ???

  • e-Accounting नेपालकै एकमात्र Business संचालनका लागि चाहिने सम्पूर्ण Module हरु एकै ठाउँमा भएको Cloud Based Financial Accounting Management Software हो।
  • e-Zone ले तयार पारेको FMIS Software हाल UGC, TU, Tribhuvan International Airport, Sim TV, HSEB,…. ले संचालन गरिरहेको छ।
  • e-Zone कै Software बाट Civil Aviation Authority Nepal का सम्पूर्ण सखाहरुमा समेत चलाउने गरी Tribhuban International Airport, CAAN Head Office, Biratnagar Airport, Pokhara Airport, Bhairahawa Airport र Nepalgunj Airport मा चलिरहेको एउटा सफल Enterprise Accounting Software हो ।
  • यो केन्द्रमा तथा सम्पूर्ण सखाहरुमा राखिसकेपछी VPN गरी एउटा सिस्टम को रुपमा चलाउन पनि मिल्ने Multi-branch, Multi-department integrate गर्न मिल्ने सफ्टवेर हो ।
  • हाम्रो e-Accounting software, World Bank को Funding तथा Supervision मा बनेको हो र यसको सुरक्षा प्रणाली अत्यन्तै मजबुत छ।

e-Accounting makes your Accounting up-to-date and you can access centralized financial data from anywhere, anytime with any device.

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